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A Year of Super Teaching Membership

More time, less stress, super support. Let's tackle the school year together Super Teacher!

New and fresh ideas that my students absolutely loved!

"I LOVE my Super Teacher Membership! I have been teaching for 20 years and found that this membership helped give me some new and fresh ideas that my students absolutely loved! During the pandemic I had to adjust to teaching online and Katie was great about providing material that I could use electronically. I found that if I felt stressed about an upcoming unit and how I would be able to make it digital, I could just send her an email and she would respond quickly with suggestions or created materials. Perusing my Super Teacher Membership each month is something that I look forward to exploring because I always find a great suggestion that I can't wait to implement. I highly recommend joining and discovering what the Super Teacher Membership has to offer!"

THERESA P. // Third Grade Teacher, OH

Why A Membership?


With homework menus & printables, digital math games, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, mini-masterclasses, and monthly bonus printables, there is something for every 2nd or 3rd grade teacher in the membership.

Plus, more resources will continue to be added based on member requests.  

What you need most is what comes next!  

You can access the membership materials from any device, at your convenience, on an independent site accessible in any school district.  
Get what you need to teach right at your fingertips.


The membership is never "done." Materials will consistently be added based on your requests as well as the immediate needs you have during this school year and beyond.

You will always have the current and upcoming month's modules available to meet your needs if you like to plan ahead, or if you need to grab and go TODAY!

Plus, with a membership you have the flexibility to choose between monthly and yearly pricing options. No down payment required.

You can have access to sanity-saving teaching materials and support for less than a team Starbucks run before faculty meeting!


Join our members only "Super Teachers' Lounge" community and connect with Super Teachers just like you.

If you're a straight-talking teacher with a flair for fun, you're in the right place! 

Learn, share, leave feedback, and make requests for future updates you need to make your teaching life easier.

An opportunity to spend more time with my family . . .

"My membership has been one of the best things that I have participated in as a teacher. Katie’s ideas have been so helpful and have given me a quick way to accomplish so many tasks. I love her math slides and the students look forward to doing them every day. The homework menus and monthly resources have given me an opportunity to spend more time with my family. That family time is worth its weight in gold. If you are wondering if you should join . . . think no more and just click YES! You will not regret it!!"

SHELLY C. // Third Grade Teacher, AZ

Saved me many hours searching for ideas . . . 

"I have been teaching for 17 years, but it’s always great getting fresh new ideas from others. At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to join, but had been struggling getting my students to do their homework, so I decided to try it just for the homework ideas. I’m so glad I did. The homework features alone have saved me many hours! My students have loved having choices for their homework and it has been very successful. The "Ready, Set, Show!" PowerPoints have helped with fact practice and concept review and my students enjoy them. It gives me a quick and easy way to assess what students know and remember. Katie also has many other great ideas that I have implemented in my classroom with great success. It is definitely worth the money and has saved me many hours searching for ideas. I would recommend it to any teacher whether they are experienced or new."

SHAWNA B. // Third Grade Teacher, UT

Includes downloadable items for every month of the school year:

homework menus 
& printables

digital "project & play" math games

seasonal math challenges & Brainteasers

LITERACY CENTERS with student-friendly instruction pages

TRELLO BOARDS to digitally plan every month

MATH CENTERS with student-friendly instruction pages

But that's not all.
You'll also get:

Management Tips & Tricks Mini-Masterclass

This 50-minute mini-masterclass is all about giving you some simple management ideas you can add to your teacher toolbox. We'll talk about having a clear management plan, strategies for getting students' attention, creating a strong classroom community, simple differentiation tricks, and routines and procedures you can put in place to make your life easier. 

Getting Writer's Workshop Started Mini-Masterclass

This 30-minute mini-masterclass is all about getting writer's workshop setup during your first month of school. We'll talk about writing best practices, a daily structure for your writer's workshop, and how you can structure your writing instruction during that first month of school to build a solid foundation for the rest of the school year. 

Back to School Writing Mini-Lessons Make & Take

Hit the ground running with 7 ready to go writing mini-lessons in this Back to School Writing Make & Take. You'll get a video walk-through of all the activities, plus editable templates to customize, so you'll be ready for that first week of writer's workshop and beyond.

Getting Centers Started Mini-Masterclass

In this 50-minute mini-masterclass we cover ideas for centers activities, accountability, and management. Along with the downloadable video and audio, you'll also get editable templates for all of the centers direction pages + two choices of grading templates.

Weekly "Quick Click" Emails

Every Sunday, members receive an email with an overview of What's New, What's Next, and What's Already Available in the membership. This includes "Quick Click" links to download membership resources. On those crazy weeks when you don't have a moment to spare, you might just find the perfect resource arrive in your inbox, ready to click, download, and go!

Bonus: Fun Monthly Challenges with PRIZES!

Super teachers have a flair for FUN, so every month we have a (not too challenging) challenge, so you can get rewarded for focusing on teacher tasks you're pretty much doing already. Prizes include gift cards, "Teacher Faves" from Amazon, and cold hard Venmo cash.  

Bonus: Monthly Facebook Live Resource Overviews + Q&As

On the first Sunday of every month, I'll be live in our members-only Facebook group to give overviews of the resources in your monthly module, take your questions, announce the winners of our challenges, and give tips and tricks for the month ahead. Replays are always available for those who can't attend live.

For all new and even experienced teachers . . .

"As a first year teacher the Super Teacher Membership definitely gave me the tools that I needed to make my year less stressful! When I struggled to find materials that would help enrich my lessons I looked back at the Super Teacher site and I was able to fill those voids. The Math Challenges and Brainteasers were a lifesaver for me throughout the year as I used them for my early finishers and morning work. I will definitely continue to use these challenges and brainteasers to invoke perseverance within my classroom. Additionally, the assortment of Literacy Center materials really saved me when I was struggling to develop several of my reading stations. I highly recommend a Super Teacher Membership for all new and even experienced teachers!"

PETER S. // Third Grade Teacher, NE

Questions? Contact me below and I'll get right back to you Super Teacher.

Katie Smith

// I Want to be a Super Teacher

I have fourteen years of classroom teaching experience in grades 2-3, and am passionate about helping teachers engage every learner and personalize instruction.

If you're all about implementing super (yet practical) teaching practices, and love those little details that make teaching so much fun, you're in the right place.

I'm so happy you're here Super Teacher!